Energy Transfers Revisited

I recently revisited the problem of energy transfers in the two-dimensional (Flatrack) model and came up with a new paradigm: instead of residing in the “bubbles”, energy can be considered as residing in the lines which join their centers.  Each line’s energy is equal to one third of the combined area of the two triangles it separates.  (As new bubbles are formed, every line is eventually crossed by another; it thereupon ceases to exist and its energy becomes zero.)

Earlier today I plotted the distribution of energies in the 88,956 lines that exist in the Flatrack model at time 500.  Over 99% of them fell in the range between zero and 3*10^-5, as shown in the graph below.  (Note that area is measured in triangular rather than square units, so the total area in the whole model is 1.)

Distribution of energies at time 500 in the Flatrack

Distribution of energy quanta in the 2-dimensional model at time 500.

I had expected to find spikes in the energy distribution, but to my surprise it resembled this blackbody curve:

Cosmic Microwave Background Spectrum

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) spectrum plotted in waves per centimeter vs. intensity

What does this prove?  Well, I don’t claim it proves that my theories are correct, or even that I’m on the right track.  But it does seem to suggest that the same processes are at work in the Flatrack model and in the Universe.


7 Responses to Energy Transfers Revisited

  1. ed van der meulen says:

    can we use common mathematics and heisenberg uncertainty, Uncertainty is no notion in common mathematics

    • You are quite right, there is no concept of uncertainty in PQR Theory as everything is predetermined. What we see as Heisenberg uncertainty is the outcome of everything being quantized. Conventional science sees space and time as being infinitely divisible, but PQR Theory says they are not. It’s like measuring with a ruler that’s only marked in whole centimeters. If we try to measure something that’s an inch long, sometimes the result will be 2 and sometimes 3 centimeters. We can’t predict WHEN the result will be 2 or when it will be 3, that’s what gives us our uncertainty.

  2. ed van der meulen says:

    and when you look at senders and receivers then is, which is only electric. And in a dynamo there is are magnetic field But the makers of dynamo’s have first to make it and then they know the magnanic streams. So what a bout the unity for that?

    I know also that we can’t walk precise. Also a an uncertainty

  3. Good question–I don’t know the answer. But I do know that photons transmit electromagnetism, so if we can understand how a photon works in PQR Theory, then I think we will understand magnetic fields.

  4. ed van der meulen says:

    The pqr theory said:

    The Universe had a single point of origin, but in a really point isn’t any material present, no energy a nothing

  5. Yes, you’re right. My idea is that when the Universe consisted of a single point, all the energy and space was contained within that point. It’s been subdividing ever since.

  6. […] now have a spacetime that exhibits at least some of the properties of a universe like ours.  In this blog post I showed how the Flatrack had quantities that were distributed like the energies in the Cosmic […]

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